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Presentation of Library

CM.Core.Library is a library written in C # that contains many basic functions such as cryptography, string manipulation, file management ...

This library is compiled under .Net Framework 4.0 with Visual Studio 2010

How to use the Library

For start to use this library, import to visual studio and add the "ClintMourlevat.Core.Library" using statement !

This is a Base64 encoding example :

Available functions categories

  • String : string conversion, spit, filter, regex...
  • Security : cryptographic functions like md5, sha1, rot13, base64, rc4...
  • Time : timestamp, all format
  • File : informations, read, write, compress with Gzip
  • Image : make screenshot, pixel manipulation
  • GeoLocation : location manipulation with bing REST api
  • Other : thread, msgbox
  • Registry : simple access for the windows registry
  • Logging : access to the windows log, and other
  • Socket : http / ftp / mail - connection

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